June 01, 2007

What An EmBARRYssment!

(i'm stealing this title from a sign i saw at last nights game)

Last night the Mets took the series from the Giants, winning by a score of 4-2. Great game from El Duque, again! Carlos Beltran was injured in the first inning, but that's not what this is about.

I witnessed something at the stadium yesterday which I found completely absurd. Barry Bonds came up in the top of the 4th inning, no one one, one out. The Mets defense moved around into a usual shift on the pull hitter. If memory serves, a few pitches went by already when Bonds grounds the ball into the gap between Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado on the infield. Of course, Damion Easley was playing deep on the grass of the outfield, perfectly positioned in his spot for the shift. Easley scooped up the ball and threw out Bonds with 5 steps to spare...

Then the Shea crowd erupted into a cheer and ruckus beyond anything I have ever heard from them. I would argue that the cheer would have been comparable to the one that followed Carlos Delgado's walk off two nights earlier. Sure Bonds is a bad man, even without the steroid usage. Even so, it was completely and utterly absurd for the people at the game last night to explode into a hoot 'n' holler over a simple ground out into the shift.

Hey fans, I like you all because you are fellow fans of my favorite team, but, I'm sorry, that was absurd.

I would love to hear other fans reactions to this...so please post your reaction in the comments...

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