June 06, 2007

Where Has The Power Gone?

The Mets are the not so proud owners of the fewest home runs in the Majors since May 22nd (7). Yes, it’s true. The dominating power displays of last year are just that, last year.

The Mets have been without two power hitters for two and three weeks now. They have been without Carlos Beltran for two games, Delgado can’t hit a beach ball with a tree trunk right now and David Wright seems to think the upper cut swing works better than his line drive swing.

In order for the Mets to keep their slim lead in the National League East, they desperately need to get their power back. The speed is still there and the fielding never left, but where has all the power gone?

The Mets need a booster shot in the worst way, because with the Tigers looming, there isn’t much more room for error with the Braves right behind them.

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