June 05, 2007

Former Met Update: Wondering What Zambrano's Doing?

Recently (I don’t know why) I was wondering what old Victor Zambrano was up to in Toronto. I thought to myself, we don’t hear anything about him. Is he even back from his elbow surgeries? Is He in the Minors or a starting pitcher with the Blue Jays?

Well I looked it up and it turns out that he is, indeed, a pitcher with the Jays. He started out as a reliever, probably to get arm strength back and then moved to the starter’s role. Currently he’s on the 15-Day Disabled List.

Here’s his game log:

4/4 1IP-1ER, 4/9 1IP – 0ER, 4/12 1IP – 0ER, 4/18 1IP – 0ER, 4/20 0.1IP – 1ER; 4/22 0.1IP – 1ER

Not too bad, but here’s May as a starter:
5/2 2.2IP – 2ER; 5/8 2.2IP – 8ER

A failed experiment and I’m glad to have gotten rid of him. Now he’s someone else’s problem.

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