July 11, 2007

Batting Second For The New York Mets: (insert name here)

Make Up Your Mind Already! I don't like how Willie plays with the order so much!

Batting 2nd for the Mets in 2007, by Number of Games:

Paul Lo Duca: 32
Endy Chavez: 20
David Wright: 10
Damion Easley: 6
Jose Valentin: 5
Shawn Green: 4
Ruben Gotay: 4
Carlos Beltrán: 3
Carlos Gomez: 1
Ricky Ledee: 1
David Newhan: 1

Personally I like Endy hitting second and Lo Duca hitting 6th (I think having Lo Duca in the 6 whole makes the lineup a lot stronger.


Blastings Thrilledge said...

This post looks awfully familiar:


I think David Wright and Carlos Beltrán are the best fits for the #2 spot, especially when Moises Alou comes back.

John Young said...

Thanks for the heads up...

I'm going to see what the deal is and if it's just a coincidence or what.