July 10, 2007

Call Someone Else Up Already!

I am getting a little bored with the call ups of pitchers that Omar is making. I guess Dave Williams isn't as good as we thought he was going to be.

I have my eyes on two particular pitchers to call up:

1. Kevin Mulvey- The 2nd round pick last year of the New York Mets, you can not give the excuse that he is "too inexperienced and needs more time in the minors" because this is exactly what the Mets did to Pelfrey last year.
Check out Mulvey's stats....

6-8 (doesn't get run support) with a 3.40 era (not that bad). He seems like he is the kind of pitcher that when he does well, he dominates, and when he struggles, he is awful. I think we should give him a shot this year,

2. Phillip Humber- Everybody knows the name by now. Humber is one of the Mets top prospects and is returning from 2 arm surgeries (he can still bring the heat). He strikes out a lot of batters and reminds me a bit of John Maine. His Minor League Stats are not too impresive, but again, like Mulvey, has the ability to throw 7 innings of shut out ball (see his last 10 games. some good, some bad).

Note: It can't get much worse than what Pelfrey, Williams, and Vargas have done.

-Tommy from Bleed Orange And Blue

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