July 17, 2007

Could Green Get Benched?

David Lennon at Newsday writes about Moises Alou, Lastings Milledge, Shawn Green and if Green will get benched when Alou comes back:

If Alou can stay healthy, Randolph could always look to use Milledge in rightfield and sit Shawn Green against difficult lefthanders. Green avoided a platoon situation with his hot start, but it's not as if he's irreplaceable now. Green batted .182 (12-for-66) with a .318 slugging percentage during the Mets' June swoon and even his recent upswing won't be enough to save him if Milledge stays productive.

"They're going to try and get me [playing time]," Milledge said. "If I can't get PT, then obviously I'm going to go back down. It really depends on how we play Moises when he gets back, because Shawn Green is going to be in right and Moises is going to be in left. I don't think I'll be doing much coming off the bench."

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