July 31, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Has Gotay Lost His Job?

With Castillo getting traded to the Mets makes a problem for Rubin Gotay. Do you see Gotay keeping the 2 base job for the time being or will he turn into the utility infielder?

Seth via E-mail

What I gather out of this trade is that Gotay will keep the second base job for the time being, but when his bat starts to slow down he will be transitioned to the bench. But I could always be wrong and Castillo could walk onto the field as the second baseman and hit behind Reyes.

Remember that him and Juan Pierre had a great one two punch when they were with the Marlins and maybe Willie might want to relive that with Reyes and Castillo.


Anonymous said...

thats what he gets for having a great 2nd baseman for a coach

Anonymous said...

you have to come through in the field if you are going to play second for willie

Anonymous said...

that's bull. soriano wasn't a great fielder when he played for the yanks and willie was a coach then

Anonymous said...

true but he wasn't the manager

Anonymous said...

i still think gotay got hosed on this trade