July 02, 2007

E-Mail Bag: What About Feliciano?

I personally think that Feliciano deserved to go to the all star game more than Wagner or even Maine. Do you think that Feliciano got overlooked or that something else?

Dane via E-mail

Well, Dane, there are so many fans of any team that feel that their position player or pitcher got hosed in the All-Star game. There are only so many spots, but I do agree with you on Feliciano. How many relievers do you know that have a sub two earned run average? Not too many if you were to take a good look.

I think that this year’s All-Star game was based too much on reputation than what they’ve accomplished in the first half of this year’s season.

It all comes down to the fact that we have no one to blame but us Mets fans for obviously not voting enough and for the player’s vote for going for big names instead of big seasons.

If I had it my way, one of Feliciano or Maine would have made the All-Star game and Cole Hamels would have been on vacation. Both are without a doubt a better pitcher, right now, and would be more effective this year.

I hope that answered your question.

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