July 10, 2007

An EmBARRYsment To Baseball

Say what you want to say about Barry Bonds, and I will say it with you, but there is also something else to say: Barry Bonds has never tested positive for steroids. Yes there is a lot of evidence. Jose Canseco. Comparing his baseball card from 10 years ago to todays. I have to say, I hate him so much more than anybody else in the world.

He is an EmBARRYsment to baseball. He sets a negative example along with all the other steroid bums but likely hall of famers. I hope that he breaks Aaron's record away from home so instead of a standing ovation he gets the most boos ever heard in a stadium.I think that if Barry Bonds had tested positive for the 'roids a while back that Bud Selig would definetely think about putting a * next to his name in the record books.

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