July 24, 2007

A Few Things We Can Get Angry About

From Tommy at Bleed Orange and Blue (Network Member):

1. Prospect Success It seems like the Mets just can not get a player called up and succeed. You Look at Mike Pelfrey. He is one of the top prospects in baseball. He comes up and all he does is add 7 to the loss column. And then you look at the Yankees. Shelley Duncan (I have to admit I love him and was really happy when he got the 3 curtain calls) has came out of nowhere and hit 3 homers in 3 games. Phil Hughes, who is obviously a giant prospect, comes out and throws 7 innings of a perfect game before popping his hammy. And then compare Robinson Cano to Anderson Hernandez. Believe it or not, Anderson Hernandez is (or was) a top-notch prospect at second base. He has a career average under .200. Please have somebody succeed!

2. Omar Minaya After having a terrible off season (signing Scott Schoenweis, trading Heath Bell, Henry Owens, and Royce Ring) he said the Mets are not really looking to make a trade. Say What? If we are going to call ourselves a team that can (and hopefully will) win a championship, we need to make a good trade. Yeah, Alou is coming back, but will he be hurt again 2 weeks from now? We need another corner outfielder. I hope that Omar will make a trade (that benefits the team, of course)

3. Carlos Beltran He has been hot lately, but he shows no will and desire to succeed. That shows me that he does not care. Every times he pops it up (this goes for Delgado also, but Beltran more), or hits a ground ball that he will most likely get out on, he jogs half-speed towards first base. What I find pretty comical is that when Jose Reyes did this Willie Randolph was in his face yelling at him and benched him, but oh, Delgado and Beltran are veterans, so god-forbid should he show them up.

I ask that these complaints will be heard by the team, because they should seriously be adressed.


Anonymous said...

how about this:

4. Shawn Green is still in right field?!?

Anonymous said...

good one :)

Anonymous said...

or how about Gotay is still concidered a utility infielder