July 12, 2007

Is Rickey The Right Move?

Over at Sam’s Mets Blog, Sam writes a very interesting post on how Rickey Henderson is just the move that the Mets needed to make:

The Mets lack of walks has hurt them; Henderson is the Master of Walks. The Mets aren’t playing with the enough ‘fire;’ who, in the history of the game, has been more fiery than Ricky? If there are any serious doubts about Reyes’ hustle (and I don’t really think there are), but if there were, who better to have around him than Ricky? If you could pick one player, out of the history of all of baseball to try and impart, not only their prodigious skills, but also their passion, intensity, and desire to win; if you could try and endow the team with the spirit of any one baseball player, is there any sane doubt that it would be Ricky Henderson?

Head over to Sam's Mets Blog to read the entire article, you won't be let down.

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