July 10, 2007

It's Almost Time

When the All-Star break comes to a close on Thursday, the Mets will be looking to the return of three key players to this season’s success. Pedro Martinez, Moises Alou and Endy Chavez are all scheduled to come back by the beginning to middle of next month.

While Alou and Chavez will bring the much needed offensive boost to the Mets, it’s Pedro that will bring that air of superiority that the Mets are so desperately in need of. When Pedro steps onto the mound, personally, I instantly feel as though the Mets are going to pull one out and I wouldn’t put it past them if that’s the exact way the players feel when they look to that mound of dirt in front of the hitter.

There’s truly no words that could express how detrimental to the team’s success, that Pedro comes back and he will. For some reason I feel that it’s going to be Martial Law or rather Pedro’s Law in his return, because if all the reports are true and if what Pedro is saying is true, the Mets have nothing to worry about once their Ace comes back to Shea.

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