July 30, 2007

Mets Are Confident About Obtaining A Reliever

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Member):

The NY Post reported this morning that despite the highly competitive market and steep asking prices the Mets are still confident that they will be able to obtain a reliever before the trading deadline. The thing is everybody wants relievers so hoping for the waiver wire pick-up is a long shot, if Mota hadn't been so bad in Cleveland he wouldn't have made it through and then only rebounded with some help. Dotel appears close to going to Atlanta, so the Mets must have their eye on someone else, my guess would be Cordero.

The Mets remained fairly confident that they could add a bullpen arm before 4 p.m. tomorrow even while they were still bemoaning the sticker price on relievers they would like to obtain such as Washington’s Chad Cordero and Jon Rauch, Kansas City’s Octavio Dotel and Texas’ Eric Gagne. The Mets are not interested in Pittsburgh’s Shawn Chacon, and as for Baltimore’s Chad Bradford, an official from another club said the Mets were not likely to so soon acquire a player they decided not to retain on a three-year contract in the previous offseason. source NY Post


Anonymous said...

That was my thoughts all along, that they should be going after pitching.

Anonymous said...

Cordero please

Sean said...

i know it sounds like a broken record, but only if it doesn't cost us too much to get one of them