July 24, 2007

Mets Fever Wish List

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Member):

With a week before the trade deadline and the rumor mill churning at full speed I'm going to submit my wish list so that you can hold me to it at a later date. During the off season I went 1-3 with my wishes getting Alou, missing on Lugo (who has been a bust) and missing on an inning eating starter Lilly, Meche, Wolf, Marquis, Mulder or Suppan. I was not worried about the cost but more about his effect on the clubhouse, when I thought the team should pass on Soriano and man that was a mistake he would have completed this team.

Here's what I hope the team does: If they go after a 2B it should be an up grade in the field and at the plate. The only two I see available are Mark Loretta and David Eckstein, if the price is right I say do it. If they don't look for a 2B there are several nice utility players out there to bolster the bench Jorge Cantu, Jeff Conine, or Ty Wiggington these guys aren't necessary but could help there isn't really a backup 1B right now. I think the team definitely needs a veteran right handed outfielder that can handle being a 4th/5th outfielder with some pop in his bat, defensive skills and base speed. This could be the priciest player the team acquires the players available are (this my order of preference) Jay Payton, Kenny Lofton, Xavior Nady, Juan Encarnacion, Jermaine Dye, and Randy Winn.

Everybody knows Omar's looking for bull pen help. There are too many to list but the type of pitcher I think is clear, the Mets need a hard throwing righty to compliment the off speed pitchers which what they hoped Burgos was going to be. If they don't have faith in Schoeneweis (which I lost two months ago but I'm not the GM) then maybe a LOOGY.

So in order:

1. Jay Payton - or a right handed 5th outfielder.
2. Power righty reliever
3. Mark Loretta
4. Jeff Conine - or an up grade / high up side utility infielder


Anonymous said...

I want to see the reliever at the top of the list

Anonymous said...

your nuts

we need a middle of the order bat if alou isn't going to come back anytime soon