July 13, 2007

Milledge Showing Heart

Lastings Milledge may only be hitting .143 on the season. That may look like a bad number to most fans who just started watching the Mets this season, but remember that he has only had seven at bats on the year and three of them were off the bench.

I know it’s only been one game and you can’t measure a player’s ability in a single game, but Lastings looks like a different player than I was used to last year. He may have only gone 1 for 4 in the game, but it could have easily been 2 for 4, if not for a catch on a line out. Milledge showed his hustle by beating out an outfield single by going from first to home and made an acrobatic slide to get around the catcher.

Hopefully he can keep up this type of play and show us Mets fans why we shouldn’t call for his departure from the Mets organization.

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