July 03, 2007

No Derby For Wright

David Lennon at On The Mets Beat, writes about David Wright and why he wont be participating in the Home Run Derby this year:

David Wright, not surprisingly, will not participate in this year’s Home Run Derby. Wright finished runner-up to Ryan Howard last season, but saw a drop in his numbers in the second half, when he batted .305 (down from .315) with six home runs (down from 20) and 42 RBI (way down from 74). His slugging percentage also slid from .575 to .469. Still, the Mets third baseman never blamed the derby for his slide after the break and said he declined this year so he could be more of a spectator at the event.

“I had a blast last time,” Wright said. “I just want to enjoy it this year, be on the field with a camcorder leading the cheers. Maybe if I’m around longer, I’ll consider it again. But this year I just want to soak it all in.”

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