July 12, 2007

Oswalt Willing To Waive No Trade Clause

D.J. Short at Mets Blog writes an article on Roy Oswalt and his compliance of waiving his no trade clause if it would make the team better. In the post he writes:

According to Jose de Jesus Ortiz of the Houston Chronicle, Astros RHP Roy Oswalt told the paper he would consider waiving his no-trade clause should a deal arrive that would improve the club's future.

I don’t see this happening for a number of reasons, but D.J. also writes that Wagner told Oswalt that New York isn’t that bad of a place to play in.

Oswalt is locked up for 5 years, so this should be a no brainer for the Astros, but you never know.

If the Mets do deal with the Astros, they’ll have to part with a hefty amount of top tier prospects and probably a Major League ready pitcher. Here’s my best guess as to what the trade might look like:

Astros get: Lastings Milledge, Aaron Heilman, Mike Pelfrey and Anderson Hernandez and possibly another top tier prospect
Mets get: Roy Oswalt

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Blastings Thrilledge said...

All those players, huh? Omar Minaya > Steve Phillips.