July 25, 2007

Philadelphia Paper Says Mets Demise Is Exaggerated

From Dave at Mets Lifer (Network Member):

In the Philadelphia Daily News this morning, Paul Hagen wrote an article titled, "Mets' Demise Greatly Exaggerated." The article goes on to talk about how those waiting for the Mets to crumble will find themselves sitting at home during the playoffs. Hagen goes on to compare stats from last year's dominant Mets team to this year and noting that there's not much difference, but rather the other NL East teams just got better.

I was truly at a loss for words after reading this article. The main reason being that it came from a PHILADELPHIA paper. I fear for this guy's life if he goes to Citizens Bank Park in the coming week.
But he laid out the facts and as a Mets Lifer, I was surprised at how similar the performance of this year's team compares to last year. At this point last year the Mets had only won 3 more games than they have this year. Of course the Mets had an 11.5 game lead, but that was because every other NL East team was under .500.

I never thought I'd feel better after reading an article from a Phillies' beat reporter, but I do.


Anonymous said...

I think the World has come to a screeching hault if Phillie is saying all that

Dan said...

I know it speaks good about us buti just don't know what to take from it. afterall it is phillie

Anonymous said...

only 3 games behind? that's better than i thought