August 09, 2007

Castillo Adjusting Well

Anthony Di Como at writes about Luis Castillo and his transition from theTwins to the Mets:

Luis Castillo hasn't had much of a problem adjusting during his first week in Flushing. Quite the opposite. Yet most of his contributions to the Mets -- and there have been plenty -- have been lost amid bolder headlines and bigger hits.

Castillo's broken-bat single, which tied Wednesday's game against Atlanta and ultimately paved the way for a win, was just the latest in a string of successes for New York's newest second baseman. Yet even as his bat has flipped from ice cold to red hot during his opening days as a Met, those successes seem forever hidden under something else.

"The first four games when I'm playing, I felt a little bit of pressure," Castillo said. "I came to this team to help them win, and I had a couple of bad games the first couple games. Now I'm feeling better. I feel like I'm on the team."


Anonymous said...

i agree that he's been overlooked

Anonymous said...

very under rated