August 14, 2007

Castillo Better Than Ever

Mark Hale at The New York Post writes about Luis Castillo and how he's done since he's come to the Mets:

Since joining the Mets, Luis Castillo's stats are better in two key offensive categories - strikeouts and RBIs.

In his first four months this season with the Twins, Castillo hadn't struck out much, tallying 28 whiffs in 349 at-bats. But heading into tonight, he had 43 Mets at-bats with one strikeout.

The second baseman - who's hitting .326 as a Met - also has five RBIs with the Mets so far. He had 18 RBIs with the Twins.


Anonymous said...

i was completely wrong about castillo

Anonymous said...

this guy has been great for us and i thouht he didnt like us

Anonymous said...

i hope he gets his legs back