August 10, 2007

Comments On The Mets Braves Rivalry

Howard Megdal at The New York Observer writes about the Mets Braves rivalryand what some players had to say about it this year:

Bobby Cox:

“That’s nonsense,” he snarled, sitting in the dugout Tuesday night as the teams prepared to do battle. “We play the game of baseball. That’s all.”

Chris Woodward:

“All a lot of these guys have known is winning,” Woodward said. “I think they took losing last year personally. We entered the season believing we can dethrone the Mets.”

Tyler Yates:

“I think we are the class of the NL East,” Yates said. “We have a better lineup, and, I like the bullpen,” he added, smiling immodestly.
Lastings Milledge:

“Growing up, they were always the best team,” Milledge said Tuesday night. “But we’re not going to let it be like that anymore.”

“Look, we’re the first-place team,” Milledge said. “As long as we are, we can lose to them every game, and it doesn’t matter. But hopefully we can change that.”


Anonymous said...

sounds like they've got a big head

Anonymous said...

maybe they should concentrate on theother teams as well as they do us

Anonymous said...

larry pisses me off every time i see his picture or hear his voice

Anonymous said...

yeah...he's got a big mouth

just look what he said about the arod thing

Anonymous said...

he is such a loud mouth

Anonymous said...

i cant wait until he goes on the dl again

im guessing 2 weeks

Anonymous said...

god i hate the braves