August 21, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Pittsburgh, Mets At Home And Pedro

Hey John,

I live near Pittsburgh, PA and was in couple of the games at PNC Park last week. The team looked little shaky especially on Thursday night after blowing the enormous lead. I just don't really feel comfortable with Mota now...he's been a disaster since coming back from suspension...good thing the team was able to pull off a lot of wins during the road trip. Now, with the padres and dodgers, and having young, Peavey, and Penny to face during the week, do you think the team can live up to their expectations playing at home? I was talking to my fiancé and we all agree that there is an emotional block or anxiety in the team that unable them to perform well at Shea. It just frustrates me sometimes. I get all bumped up when they are at home, and they just play horrible for the most part. This is a huge week for the Mets...this week can certainly give us some nice cushion before they head to Philly and Atlanta. By the way, do you think Pedro will be back to the rotation next week? He did pretty good last night and I believe he might be schedule to pitch again this weekend...finally, just want to let you know how enjoyable your website keeps me updated with what's going on with the team since I moved out of the tri-state area. Good job! Let's all pray this is the time for a trip to the WS!

Let's go Metropolitans!

Fernando via E-mail
Well the Mets haven’t done well at Shea this year at all. For the season they are only 32-27. I know this doesn’t look all that bad but they were 50-31 last season and going against the best pitching team in the National League (Padres) doesn’t seem to sit in the Mets favor. Actually we’ll be lucky to see a game tonight with all the rain. So in short, my expectation is that the Mets will outlast Young and Peavey and attack the bullpen like they do every game as of late and take 2 of 3, that only if Maine can pitch a good outing for us. That guy has really got to snap out of it.
I don’t see an emotional block or anxiety with them. Look at it this way, if you had to work at your job for a half a year with the occasional day of, travel to a different town every week and hear it from anyone who didn’t like you, you would get a little out of focus now and then. I know I sure would. We just have to sit back and wait for their second wind to hit them.
There is no way that Pedro will be back in the rotation next week. The Mets are saying that he has at least two more rehab starts to pitch and that would put him in the first week or two of September. So my guess is that we’ll see him in the second week. They can’t afford to rush him along and then he gets hurt again. Remember that Pedro is fragile now and he has to be babied in his rehabilitation or the Mets will suffer the consequences.


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anyway you look at it the Mets have to get their heads out of their rears

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