August 03, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Sele The Odd Man Out?

With Sosa going to the bullpen, does it mean that Aaron Sele is going to be packing for New Orleans any time soon?

Gary via E-mail

I don’t think Willie is going to put Sele out just because Sosa has found his way back to a familiar role. If Willie had the intent of putting Sosa in the pen just to option Sele to Triple-A, he would have done it already. He probably would have done it when Brian Lawrence came up, but as we all know he chose to option Mike Di Felice and kept Sele around.

If anything, I think Willie did this just to strengthen the bullpen and have a possibility of two long inning relief options instead of only Aaron Sele.


Gary said...

that's kind of what i was thinking but just needed to be reassured ofit

Gary said...


John Young said...

Any time...

I'm always here to answer any lingering questions anyone may have.