August 08, 2007

E-Mail Bag: Where Is Juan Padilla?

What ever happened to Juan Padilla? I thought he was supposed to come back to the team sometime this season. Did he get re injured or what?

Dave via E-mail

Juan Padilla is most likely to miss the entire season due to a partial tear to his right elbow. The last report on him was March 27th. That injury coupled with his Tommy John surgery doesn’t look at all good and I’m a Padilla fan.

Hopefully he can get healthy and make a return to the Mets pen next season. Although I see him spending at least some portion of the beginning of the season in Triple-A.


Anonymous said...

ahhh the looper years

Anonymous said...

thats right...didnt he take over the closer's role in 05

Anonymous said...

for a little while