August 30, 2007

A Good Hard Slide To Randolph

Steve Popper at North Jersey writes about Willie Randolph's thoughts on Marlon Anderson's slide:

"He didn't exactly say why he was out," Randolph said of his conversation with Bucknor. "Obviously, he thought there was some type of obstruction or something, I guess. I said it to him very plainly, 'Marlon has his feet on the base.'

"It was a good hard slide. It's baseball. I think it's because we're not used to seeing good aggressive baseball anymore."

"I played second base in this league for years, and guys would come in much harder than that and nothing is said."


Anonymous said...

willie should know

Anonymous said...

did anyone else see iguchi sell that hit

Anonymous said...

like reggie miller

Anonymous said...

cb buckner just made my hate mail list

Anonymous said...

i just dont know what to say