August 13, 2007

Green Needs To Go

It’s past due and every Met fan knows it. Shawn Green needs to be dealt with and the Mets could do one of two things with his lethargically over rated self.

1. The Mets could put him through waivers and see if anyone would bite on the Green bait. If so take whatever the team wants to offer up. He just needs to get out of right field.

2. Simply, just put him on the bench so that way Milledge could get the at bats that he has earned and deserves.

Any way you look at the picture, Shawn Green is hurting the Mets more than he would like to believe. I know he’s a great guy, but that has nothing to do with playing the outfield or driving in runs.


Anonymous said...

i cant believe willie keeps putting him out there

Anonymous said...

is green paying willie off or something

Anonymous said...

green needs to go home and let the kid play