August 22, 2007

Humber flirts with a no hitter

Philip Humber went from being rumored trade bait to a no hitter candidate. Just three weeks ago the Mets were rumored to be considering a trade of Philip Humber for Chad Cordero, whether the rumors were true or not the trade never materialized. Sometimes the best trades are the ones that aren't made and while Cordero would have been an incredible help in the pen for this team, if tonight's outing is any inclinations as to the type of contributions Humber will make, then they will far out weigh those of a reliever. Humber entered the the ninth inning for the New Orleans Zephrys game with a no hitter intact, in fact he was one walk short of a perfect game. After getting the first out of the inning, he gave up the first hit of the night.

With no hitter bid over the team turned Amby Burgos who was returning from a long stint on the DL. Burgos gave up three hits and three runs (one credited to Humber) which tied the score. The Zephyrs would score in the tenth to win the game.

Here are the box scores from the game, wrap up not ready yet...MiLB


Anonymous said...

people got to give this kid a chance

Anonymous said...

yeah...remember he had tommy john surgery