August 16, 2007

Maine Needs To Fix Himself Fast

Ever since July 29th against the Nationals John Maine has looked more like the Mets fifth starter and less like a potential Ace of the future. Because of this transition, we have to ask ourselves a couple of questions like, has the rest of the league finally caught up with Maine’s fast ball or has he just run out of gas?

Since Washington Maine has given up 6 runs to both the Cubs and the Braves before giving up only 3 to the Pirates. Even giving up only 3 was a test as the Pirates ran Maine up for 117 pitches by fouling off more than 30 of them.

His velocity isn’t the issue, as he’s consistently reaching the mid 90’s on the radar gun. I know Peterson is seeing something and s just not telling the public about it and I can deal with that. But at the very least they should let us know that there is something going on because this guessing stuff is killing me.

Whatever the case may be, Maine needs to find out what he’s doing wrong and fix it in a hurry because in order for the Mets to go deep in the Playoffs they need him to be at the top of his game.


Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head

Anonymous said...

what is going on?!?!?

Anonymous said...

we need him and ollie to get back to form

Anonymous said...

yeah whats up with ollie?

Anonymous said...

the guy must just begoing back to 2006 form when he got to the mets