August 22, 2007

Mets Getting Great Things From Castillo

There is no doubt that when Luis Castillo first came to the Mets before the non waiver trade deadline, that there was a little animosity towards him because a lot of Met fans wanted to see the young gun, Ruben Gotay, take over at second. Now there is no doubt that Castillo fits in with the Mets team so well that we have all but forgotten about that slight hatred.

Castillo does all the small things that seem to make the Mets team that much better. Be it a hit and run, bunting Reyes over or a key hit. He has even done what Lo Duca did so well when he was in the two hole last year and take an insurmountable amount of pitches in order to give Reyes every chance he needs to steal a base.

Since joining the Mets, Luis Castillo is hitting .324 and has 1 home run, 10 RBI’s and 3 stolen bases. He’s been the poster boy for clutch hitting, as evident by his game winning base hit in last night’s win over the Padres.

Besides his hitting, his defense has matched and even maybe passed it. He has a 1.000 fielding percentage and has shown that he has the knack for swallowing up every ball hit or thrown his way. I’m still trying to get over the double play him and Reyes pulled off the other day.

This was truly a great move that has cemented the team and brought an air of consistency to second that us Met fans haven’t seen since last season when Jose Valentin won the job hands down. If Omar and the Mets are smart, they have to resign Castillo in the off season to, at least, a 2 year contract.


Anonymous said...

i love this guy

Anonymous said...

we should have gotten him earlier

Anonymous said...

i still miss gotay though

Anonymous said...

same but castillo has so much better hands defensivly

Anonymous said...

that was a great 2 play

Anonymous said...

no doubt