August 01, 2007

Mets Let Glavine Down In Loss

Marty Noble at writes about the Mets 4-2 loss to the Brewers last night:

As Glavine himself would say hours later, "In playoff games, you care about one thing only -- winning." But in the game the Mets played -- and eventually lost -- Tuesday, the objective was different.

"Yeah, you wanted to win," Green said. "But you didn't want the slightest thing to go wrong, like a no-hitter. ... You wanted Tom to get it."

Ultimately, everything went wrong for the Mets: Glavine didn't win, and they lost. Not that their 4-2, 13-inning loss to the Brewers felt like anything other than a double defeat.

While Glavine was left to make arrangements to have his 30 family members and friends in Chicago for his next start, Sunday night at Wrigley Field, the Mets were left to ponder their first final-pitch loss of the season, as unsettling a defeat as they have experienced since last fall.


Anonymous said...

i feel so bad for tommy

Anonymous said...

yeah, his wife looke so let down

Anonymous said...

the mets owe him one in a big way

Anonymous said...

you mean MOTA owes him