August 13, 2007

The Mets Need Mike Piazza


At this afternoon a post was uploaded discussing the idea of the Mets getting Mike Piazza to help with their catching woes. I really enjoy, but here at we discussed this idea a few weeks ago in a previous post.

I was surprised to see respond that the Mets shouldn't go after Piazza (blasphemy!). One of the reasons was that Castro does not appear to be out of the lineup for very long (good news), but the more surprising reason was that this is no longer Mike Piazza's team. It's Reyes' team or Wright's team.

In my opinion that's exactly the reason you add Piazza.

Piazza doesn't have to be the superstar or leader of this team. He's a contributor, one of those intangibles off the bench, a la Kirk Gibson on the '88 Dodgers. This is Reyes' & Wright's team, but that doesn't mean Piazza shouldn't be on it.

Mike DeFelice is quite possibly the worst hitter in baseball, and any at bat he has is one too many if you ask me. Piazza calls a great game, and it's not like Lo Duca or Castro are gunning runners down left and right. But it's the intangibles that make me want Piazza now more than ever. It would be like the return of a hero to the ball club. Piazza is one of the greatest clutch home run hitters I have seen, and if the Mets make the playoff you know there is a historic moment waiting to happen if Piazza is in pinstripes.

There are a number of other reasons which I discussed in my previous post that I think are still valid.

For the fans as well as for the ball club, getting Piazza is a win-win situation. Send DeFelice back to the minors to tutor Mike Pelfrey, and bring in Mike Piazza which adds a nice bat to the Mets bench and a solid backup catcher.

Bring Mike Piazza home where he belongs.


Anonymous said...

you have to be nutts to think that the mets need piazza...he cant even catch anymore

Anonymous said...

we all love him for what he did for us mets fans but that page has turned and his career may be at its end

Steve from Norfolk, VA said...

Piazza can only DH - his throwing shoulder is gone. I'd love to see him too, we need the fire he brings to the game. We just can't afford to carry someone on the bench that can only pinch-hit. Now, after Sept. 1, hell yeah!!!