August 07, 2007

Mets Need To Send A Message

As of today the Mets are four and a half games ahead of the Braves. On one hand, the worst case scenario is that the Braves sweep them, but the Mets will stay in first, if only by one and a half. On the other hand the Mets could wind up seven and a half games up and by sheer lack of games left could knock the Braves straight out of the National League East division hunt.

By putting Perez, Hernandez and Maine up against the Braves, the Mets have ensured a great chance of taking at least two of the three games. But imagine, will you that the Mets sweep them and send a message that even with their additions and depleting their farm system for years to come, that it wasn’t enough to take out Willie’s boys.

Man that would feel great. This series almost feels like a playoff series and should be treated as such. The Braves pose the biggest threat to the Mets and so with this opportunity staring them right in the face, we will see if they can stand up and meet it head on. Us Mets fans need to see them put the Braves back in the passenger seat and prove to us and them that the Braves don’t own them now or anytime in the near future.


Anonymous said...

they should and they will send that message

Anonymous said...

tex is going down

Anonymous said...

i hope perez dosnt have a melt down again