August 28, 2007

The Minors Are Coming In Two Waves

Adam Rubin at Surfing The Mets writes about Omar Minaya's plans for the September call ups:

The Mets plan to make minor-league promotions in two waves -- one on Saturday on the first day permitted, and the second after Triple-A New Orleans’ season ends, according to Minaya. Joe Smith and David Newhan figure to be the first call-ups, though Smith has not pitched since Aug. 20 because of arm fatigue. Continued elbow problems for Ambiorix Burgos, which required an exam in New York yesterday, appear likely to sidetrack his return.

The Mets plan for Mike Pelfrey to work in the bullpen. Infielder Anderson Hernandez and pitchers Jon Adkins, Dave Williams, Philip Humber, Steve Schmoll and Willie Collazo also are with the Zephyrs and merit consideration. The regular season for New Orleans, which is in third place and on the outer edge of postseason contention, ends Monday.


Anonymous said...

i hope smith can give us begining of the season performance

Anonymous said...

how about pelfrey, humber and smith in the pen...there's a solid pen if you ask me

Anonymous said...

it is going to get really crowded in the dugout

Anonymous said...

hope this doesnt mess up the flow of things