August 23, 2007

Mota (Enough Said)

Over at the Gotham Nation Forum, Not4nuttin (screen name) writes about Guillermo Mota and is scratching his head with it:

Enough has been written about Mota and how horrible a signing it was for the Mets. And, yes, as fans, we may act a little to viscerally at times, and not focus on some little things that the pros like Omar, Peterson and Willie may see. But, come on, what does it take before they wake up to reality? What possible basis could they have for believing this guy is reliable for holding down leads (or keeping games close)? The 6 weeks he pitched well for the Mets last season (after absolutely sucking for the prior few years)? His body of work is clear at this point. Through the history of the game, plenty of pitchers have had good stuff but simply cannot get batters out consistently. What is it that the Mets brass sees that the rest of the world does not? And, is it even remotely possible that his teammates don't feel a sense of gloom every time he takes the mounds? It has to be as mind-numbing for them as it is for the fans trying to figure out what the heck Willie et. al. are thinking putting him in ANY games at this point.

Can someone please help me out and explain what I may be missing?


Anonymous said...

i think we all are wondering the same thing

Anonymous said...

this guy needs to go