August 23, 2007

Mystery Team For Wells

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (network Member):

Tim over at MLBTR breaks down the interest in David Wells. He reports on several teams that may have some degree of interest in Wells and calls the Mets a possible mystery team. I hope Omar passes on Boomer myself, he was absolutely horrible in San Diego. Lawrence is a serviceable fifth starter until Pedro returns, a little better fielding and some more offense and he's3-0, all he needs to do is go deeper into games.

The Mets could be one of the mystery teams.


Anonymous said...

as long as he doesnt wind up on the mets ill be ok with it

Anonymous said...

dude is just a cry baby

Anonymous said...

besides the fact that hes not nearly as good as one would like to think

Anonymous said...

slam dunk guys