August 08, 2007

No One To Blame But Ourselves

So now Carlos Beltran probably wont be coming back on Thursday, when his 15 day disabled list time is up, and some how I have the feeling that there is no one else to blame for this timely reoccurrence but us Met fans.

Think about it. When Carlos came to the Mets in 2005 he had a hamstring injury that he played through and then there was that horrendous collision at Petco Park that would have sent a lesser player to the disabled list for a couple of months and he came back about a week later. He did come back, but he wasn’t faring too well and Met fans proceeded to emphatically heckle him at every at bat. This booing affected his fragile state. He wasn’t in Kansas City or even Houston anymore where fans are forgiving. He was in New York, one of the worst places to not play up to your potential.

So in my thought, Beltran will keep himself out of the line up with the slightest discomfort to any part of his body and us fans have no one to blame but ourselves.


Anonymous said...

i never thought about it like that

Anonymous said...

he needs to suck it up and take the booing if he deserves it

Anonymous said...

no, its his fault for being a girl about it

Anonymous said...

i totally understand his thinking

better to have a leave of absence than get heckled at every at bat