August 14, 2007

Omar Gets An A

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Member):

With many Mets fans complaining that he didn't do enough (including myself) Kevin Hench of Fox Sports gave Omar the only "A" (Phils A-) as his grade for the trade deadline. I like the Castillo move alot and think that it was an excellent pick-up, how he pulled it off for what he gave up is the biggest surprise. I'll tell you want sold me on Castillo, after the loss to the Braves in the third game he sat along the wall next to the dug out brewing, only a week with the team and he was already showing the type of competitor he is.

But I still wish that Omar would have acquired a legitimate set-up man. Cordero would have been perfect and if the price was Humber/Heilman and a few throw ins I would have done it. Aside from a reliever I still wish the team would have up-graded the bench with a role player along the lines of Jeff Conine.

Luis Castillo, Mets — AThis was one of those quiet acquisitions — other than Johan Santana's reaction to it in Minny — that can make a huge difference in October. Ruben Gotay had been filling in admirably for the injured Jose Valentin, but now the Mets have a slick-fielding veteran for the playoffs. (Castillo's record of 143 straight games without an error at second was equaled by Placido Polanco on Sunday.) A willing two-strike hitter, Castillo is the perfect guy to have in the 2-hole behind Jose Reyes. Castillo is hitting .326 since coming to New York in a deal that cements the Mets as the favorites in the NL.


Anonymous said...

i'd give him a B+

Anonymous said...

yeah...we still have some holes

Anonymous said...

alot of teams still have holes

Anonymous said...

if beltran and delgado stand up then we wouldnt need another piece

Anonymous said...

and getting rid of mota