August 07, 2007

One Simple Question

Here is a simple question that I’m sure will get only one response from the Met fans, with the trade deadline in the rear view mirror and only waivers being accepted in any possible trades, why don’t the Mets simply place Guillermo Mota on waivers and see if they could get anything in return. I mean anything. I would even settle for a possible trade of Mota for an extra fold out table for the Mets club house.

Mota has been nothing short of masterfully showing baseball fans what one person can do when on the juice and then when he’s caught and has to actually pitch on their own talent, they get hammered like they’re in some Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Here’s a quick comparison of his last season’s numbers with the Mets compared to this season:

ERA – 1.00
W/L – 3-0
SO – 19
BB – 5

ERA – 5.09
W/L – 1-0
SO – 28
BB – 8


Anonymous said...

i dont know why i didnt think of that

Anonymous said...

extra folding table...ha

Anonymous said...

mota has been the ackilies heel of the team this season

Anonymous said...

just dfa him forget the waiver stuff

Anonymous said...

jsut make him the mop up man bercause no team will want him

Anonymous said...

there's always some one that wants a player