August 15, 2007

Pedro Asking To Come Back

At Rotoworld they write about Pedro Martinez and his wish:

Pedro Martinez (shoulder) is lobbying to rejoin the Mets after just one more rehab starts.

"I need to pitch in the big leagues," Martinez said. "I feel like my pitches are improving, but I can't tell you how good I am until I get a big-league hitter out. I am already pushing the issue, but it's going to take me a little while still." The Mets will likely stick with their schedule and have Pedro make at least two more starts before coming off the disabled list.


Anonymous said...

let him come back...he cant be any worse than brian lawrence

Anonymous said...

amen brother

Anonymous said...

i dont want him to come back before he is ready it could hurt him and the team

Anonymous said...

bring him up!!!