August 15, 2007

Provided Alou Remains Healthy...

At the Gotham Nation Forum, Shiner had the following to say:

Through the end of the season, that will be the mets saving grace. if Atlanta added Tiexera, the Mets got someone just, if not more valuable (on the offensive side). the mets jumped out to a commanding lead in the season early when a=Alou was batting like .336. now he is back and the offense is already looking much better.

Also I think sosa to the pen has already proven to be more valuable than Atlanta's adding the injured Dotel.

I know people were upset about the mets not adding anyone at the deadline, but you can't make a deal if its not there to make. Gagne and Dotel have already underachieved.


Anonymous said...

the big word is "IF"

Anonymous said...

sosa needs to be the long man as well

JR said...

sosa is doing great in his spot taking over for what mota can't do w/out roids...middle relief

sele is fine in long relief as long as he doesn't have 9 days rest and then come in for one inning