August 27, 2007

Rockies After Paulie

From Ed Ryan at Mets Fever (Network Member):

The Denver Post reports today that the Colorado Rockies will pursue catcher Paul Lo Duca during the off season. Apparently the Rockies have had long term interest in Lo Duca, remember they saw him for years when he was with the Dodgers. I hope Paulie is back for one more year, after that I could see his injuries catching up to him and making less productive. I understand where the club is coming from if they pass on Lo Duca, he is 36 y/o and has struggled with injuries for his two seasons in NY. But the Mets don't really have an alternative for next year. When Castro is the starter his offensive numbers decline and he ends up injured, I think Castro is one of the best backup catchers in the league but that's it. The free agent market doesn't have a better alternative to Lo Duca and I don't see anyway Jorge Posada comes over from the Yankess. All the young catcher's out there, are going to be very costly via trade and most are the non-hitting type.

How about the Mets chasing free-agent catcher Jorge Posada? Paul Lo Duca, by the way, is a player the Rockies have long coveted. ... source Denver Post


Anonymous said...

i know he isnt piazza but it still feels almost like that

Anonymous said...

paullie has become the mets since hes gotten here and its gonna be hard to see him go

Anonymous said...

fire starter is gonna be missed after this year