August 01, 2007

SI's Donovan On "Terrific" Tom Glavine

Came across a great article on SI this morning, by columnist John Donovan, about our own Tom Glavine. You can read the article by clicking here. The title is a nice play on our previous HOF pitcher, also named Tom, and Donovan offers a great opening line, a question we've all posed at one point or another:

You look at Tom Glavine -- the impassive face, the simple and effortless delivery, the impossibly underpowering repertoire of pitches -- and you can't help but wonder: How does he do it? How has Glavine won all these years? And how can he still be winning? With that stuff?

Definitely a great read! By the way- the picture accompanying this article was created by my brother, Michael (copyright 2007) and was a combo of a photo he took of Glavine and the scoreboard flashing win number 298- hopefully he'll be there for win 300 to shoot a similar photo!


Mike said...

some how he keeps batters off balance

Anonymous said...

as long as he cand win one more game hell be golden

Mike said...

no kidding? enter sarcasim