August 28, 2007

Still No Metal Bats In NYC

Larry Neumeister at ABC News writes about the ban on metal bats in New York City and former Met closer John Franco's impact on it:

A judge on Tuesday upheld New York's ban on metal bats in high school baseball games, saying it was not his place to overturn a law that was approved by a local government with the public's safety in mind.

During hearings, former Mets pitcher John Franco testified that when he throws batting practice for some high school teams that use non-wood bats, the ball seems to come back at him as soon as it leaves his hand.

"I don't even see it coming at me. It's dangerous. It's very, very dangerous. ... I'm speaking from someone who is standing on the mound for 22 years, and I can see the difference," he testified.


Anonymous said...

it will just help kids get adepth to wooden bats if they make it to MiLB or even the Majors

Anonymous said...

who needs false rewards