August 16, 2007

To Keep Alou or Not to Keep Alou, That is the Question!

Okay - calm down a minute, take a step back and hear me out! First and foremost, I want Omar to re-sign Endy Chavez for next year's team. Second, I hope that both Lastings Milledge will continue to shine and that Carlos Gomez will come back healthy and show that he is in the majors, for good! However, even though it means sharing playing time, diminished defense in rightfield, and perhaps only as many as 350 at-bats, I believe the Mets should also re-sign Moises Alou next season, fitting him into a platoon with either Chavez or Milledge.

With four centerfielder-types to surround him at all times, worries about just how much his defense will cost us are minimal. With a healthy Gomez and Chavez back, we have the horses to make up for Alou's defensive deficiencies and his bat, if it's anything like this season's, will more than make up for his outfield play. He is still capable of hitting 18 - 25 homers and driving in 55 - 70 runs in limited duty, with a high batting average, and the team seems to like having him around. While he'd make a great DH, he's a National Leaguer through and through and it'd be great to have him in our pinstripes one more season, especially at a discounted price. His stats this year: 173 At-Bats, 8 Homers, 28 RBI's, .318 Average, 25 runs and only 18 strike-outs in only 47 games. Times that by 2, and he has 346 at-bats, 16 homers, .318 avg., 56 RBI's, 50 runs and 36 K's in 94 games. If he played a whole season (I know - not going to happen) - he'd have 24 homers, 84 RBI's, 519 at-bats, .318 avg., 75 runs and only 54 K's. Combine his stats with a combo of Gomez and Milledge, and right field becomes a position of great strength for us!

Let me know what you think!!!!


Anonymous said...

even though alou is great offensivly

hell just put a drag the outfield

Anonymous said...

gomez and milledge for the outfield

Anonymous said...

resign endy

drop alou- accident prone

Anonymous said...

you guys are nuts

when alous healthy the mets are unstoppable

Anonymous said...

sing it brotha