August 13, 2007

Why Not Milledge?

Larry Brooks at The New York Post asks why not Milledge over Green:

The fact is Green, who has 32 RBIs in 360 at-bats on the season, has knocked in four runs in 80 at-bats over his last 21 games and merely five in 143 at-bats over his last 37 games. The fact is also that Randolph has no inclination to give Lastings Milledge a shot at the job even on a platoon basis despite the fact the Kid has hit .309 with 18 RBIs in 95 at-bats since his July 12 promotion from the minors.


Anonymous said...

because willie hates the young players

Anonymous said...

he only went with wright because theywere here before he got here

Anonymous said...

good point