August 12, 2007

Willie And Omar- Things Need To Change

Is this team really in first place? A 3 Game Lead On The Braves And Phillies (That will change soon)? I just don't understand.

Willie Randolph is just not a motivator. Period. Do you really want a guy managing your team that just WILL NOT do anything to get the players pumped up? I mean seriously, it depresses me to watch him walk out to the umpire after a bad call and then say a few nice and calm words and walk back to the dugout.

Willie Randolph does not know what to do with this team, pitching and hitting. Because Guillermo Mota without steroids is just so, so good, he has to come into the game for every situation. Look at last night. He blew the lead and the game giving up 4 RUNS. I could sit here and give examples all day.

Omar Minaya. Man, Omar. What a good job he did rebuilding the team. But now it is a joke. Everything he has done has gone to waste. Giving up Henry Owens, Heath Bell, Royce Ring, Matt Lindstrom for Jason Vargas, Ben Johnson and Jon Adkins. Wow, did he get owned right there.

I have had enough. Things Need To Change.


Anonymous said...

dont get ahead of yourself kid

Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath Tommy. Were in first place and there are a ton of games left.