September 17, 2007

Another Lost Weekend - What Does This Mean?

At the start of the season, when Jimmy Rollins bragged that the Phillies were the "team to beat", Mets' fans dismissed his bravado as nothing more than jealousy and delusion...and now, after losing 12 of 18 to those same, Rollins'-led Phillies, I'm no longer beginning to wonder what's going on, and instead I'm hoping that 3 games against the Nationals are enough to jump-start us from the lethargy of this past weekend. How else can you explain 6 errors in one game, topped off by Mota blowing it yet again! How else can you explain blowing one of the best-pitched games of the season, Pedro's masterpiece, on Saturday other than chalking it up to lethargy? Dare I say the Phillies have our number? Dare I dread the possibility of them making it to the play-offs as a Wild Card entrant? Dare I dream what would happen if somehow the Phils overtake us in the division?

Okay- coming back to earth on a rocket crash-landing in flames, we're still 3.5 up with 2 weeks left to play. Pedro is looking like Pedro of old, and Beltran and Wright are on fire. Now let's hope that the rest of the team, particularly Mr. (made 2 errors on one play after we nominated him for a Gold Glove) Reyes, wake up from their slumber to come back strong these last 2 weeks.

Jonathan and his friend Barry discussed what could happen if we don't keep the division lead, and it's possible that Willie might lose his job were this to happen. And then what? Well, what about bringing back Davey Johnson, in order to groom HoJo? And Barry's suggestion when we DO make the play-offs (and seriously, I have NO doubts that we will) - start Glavine, pitch him 6, let Pedro pitch 3, then start Perez for 6 and let Maine come in for three; for game three, forfeit, then bring back Pedro for 6 and let O-Hern go for three, then bring back Glavine again with Maine releiving and we've got our 4 victories. You see where we're going - no bullpen, save Wagner, and we've got a fighting chance.

Brian Lawrence is starting today...I almost feel as though I must have done something wrong in a past life...okay, I'll be back later and I'm sure I'll be in a less pessimistic mood!


Anonymous said...

well they first have to figure out how to beat everyone else before we can start to worry

Anonymous said...

tru dat

Anonymous said...

i dont know about you but im starting to get a little frantic

Anonymous said...

frantic isnt the word my man