September 20, 2007

A Change in Our Expectations

As painful as the last week has been for all Mets fans, it has signaled a change in what we now expect from our favorite team.

Just two short years ago, the Mets were once again left out of a pennant race. The past 4 seasons before that we were amongst the bottom dwellers of the National League. But last season we drank from the postseason cup, which has had a lingering taste in our mouths that makes us anxiously await the next time we can sip from that glorious cup.

As a Mets Lifer who has survived the dark years of this ball club and now have it become a winning team again, it is that much more painful to watch it struggle. You don't want them to fall back into the rut of the early 90's. We now expect this team to be a winner every year.

And there's nothing wrong with that.

Every Mets fan I talk to is going through the same anxiety and pain over this recent losing streak. And today those same Mets fans are hopeful that we've turned the corner. We desperately need this team to make the postseason. Not because of the Yankees. Not because of our hatred for the Braves (and now Phillies). It's because we want our team to become a perennial powerhouse in baseball. Not just this year, but for the rest of this decade.

May we never come complacent with winning. The fact that we are holding on to every win and loss like it's the World Series shows the difference between being just a Mets fan and a Mets Lifer. It separates us from the Yankee fans who want their team to lose just because they don't like A-Rod or who gave up on them because of their rough first half.

We're critical of this Mets team just as your are hardest on those you care most about. And we'll be the first to shower them with accolades when they turn things around.

As much as we'd love to have already clinched the division, take a step back and appreciate the fact that this team is once again in a race to the postseason, and we will be for years to come.

But let's go out there and wrap up this division for crying out loud.


Anonymous said...

you said it

Anonymous said...

i almost feel bad for getting so upset

Anonymous said...

no! this is a different team then those days and now they have to win!!!

Anonymous said...

9 more to go

Anonymous said...

please dont bring up the90s