September 11, 2007

Glavine Wants One More Year

Kevin Kernan at The New York Post writes about Tom Glavine and how he wants to pitch for one more year:

The Mets' pitching picture is a lot brighter with Pedro Martinez's return from shoulder surgery, but there is more positive news. Tom Glavine wants to come back for a 22nd major-league season.

"I'm having as much fun as I've had in a long time, and that's a big factor for me,'' Glavine told The Post on Sunday night. "It's a fun team to come to the ballpark with every day. All the factors are there [to coming back].''

It's likely Glavine will decline his option with the Mets and sign a new contract with the club for 2008 in the $12 million range. There's always the chance the Braves, who were beaten 3-2 by the Mets last night at Shea, could go after Glavine again, but Atlanta has not come up with the money in the past, and that is not expected to change. Glavine's offseason home is in Georgia, but Glavine has found a new home in New York, and next year would be his sixth season with the Mets.

The 300-game winner also appreciates the way the Mets have treated him with class and have tried to improve the team every season.

As Glavine said, "it's a fun team'' and the Mets are on the verge of winning their second straight NL East title. The Mets would be crazy to let Glavine escape back to Atlanta.


Anonymous said...

come back tommy..atl is going nowhere

Anonymous said...

itwould be nice to se him back next year

Anonymous said...

tommy would solidify the rotation next year so the mets can focus on the bullpen.

Anonymous said...

good point