September 05, 2007

Green Comes To Reality

Mark Schmetzer at writes about Shawn Green and how he realizes he isn't apower hitter anymore:

"I've come to accept the fact I'm not going to hit 40 home runs anymore," said Green, who was hitting .277 with eight home runs and 42 RBIs. "I thought coming into the season I had a chance to. Now, I'm hoping to hit 10. I feel like I've slipped into a different type of production. It's more a swing guy who can play right field, first base. It's a different role. However I can contribute is going to feel good. I've accepted the fact I'm not one of the guys in the middle of the lineup that needs to carry the team anymore. Here we've got plenty of those guys. My goal each day is to find a way to help the team win.

"The last few years, it's been a gradual decline."


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he is a slow learner

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so john do you want to do the forum thing?